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Smart Pergolas

Smart Pergolas are the ultimate outdoor living feature - giving you control over the elements with the touch of a button. These all-aluminum, powder-coated works of functional art are custom-made here in the USA, designed and installed by our local craftsmen. The motorized, louvered covers open and close on-demand, and can even be set up to close automatically with a rain sensor, and open automatically with a wind sensor. Incredibly strong and durable, smart pergolas also provide a great frame for adding lights, heaters, fans, retractable screens, and other mountable devices like TVs. Most folks ask "But where does the water go?" and these smart pergolas provide an elegant answer: the louvers are designed to direct all rain to an integrated gutter system which drains down the posts and can tied-in to existing drain system or otherwise directed away from the structure. We take great pride in providing these beautiful installations, so we have an industry-leading 3 Year Workmanship Warranty, and also include 3 years of an annual maintenance and cleaning. Whether you have an outdoor space that is under-utilized or a business needing reliable ROI for your outdoor space, we have you covered!

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